Estate Planning and Probate

Shackelford is significantly involved in the field of estate planning and probate law. Wills, administration of estates and estate planning, in coordination with the client’s personal tax advisor, are currently areas in which our lawyers practice. Although we handle the needs of many clients with large, sophisticated estate planning problems, it is the firm’s goal to inform all of its clients that every estate, regardless of size, should at least have a basic estate plan.

The probate system in the State of Texas is possibly the most simple, practical and inexpensive one in the nation. This fact is especially true when that system is properly utilized through an estate plan, whether the size of the estate dictates a simple Will or tax saving trusts. Shackelford also has skilled litigators with substantial experience in the probate courts should clients need such assistance.

Samuel E. Long, Jr.
John R. Bauer
Edward B. Tomlinson, II
Michael D. McKinley
Martha Hardwick Hofmeister
Timothy D. Zeiger