Litigation is almost always a stressful event for a company or an individual. However, we’d prefer to act as counselors in helping clients avoid litigation in the first place. Should litigation become a reality, Shackelford lawyers work closely with clients and collaborate through each phase of the process. Because of the firm’s size and structure, our trial attorneys are able to focus on the smallest details, positions and options in the litigation process while assuring that clients receive solid value for this level of involvement. No one lawsuit is identical to another and the facts, timing and the principals all affect the strategies to be considered.

Getting ready for trial requires that clients participate in the discovery process. Our lawyers are experts at helping clients produce documents, answer interrogatories, and prepare for depositions. Since this phase of litigation often determines the outcome of a case, our lawyers are diligent and aggressive in every aspect of discovery.

Not all “litigators” are trial lawyers. Litigators at other firms can file papers but may not have substantive courtroom experience. But our trial lawyers are just that: experienced lawyers who can and will go to trial if necessary.

However most commercial and business cases are and should be settled short of trial. Our lawyers are experienced negotiators who help clients properly assess the strengths and weaknesses of a case, while vigorously advocating for them in mediations or other settlement discussions. Our trial lawyers have earned an outstanding reputation for their tenacity, trial advocacy skills and ability to deliver results. We’ve litigated complex cases across a multitude of industries and represent clients at both the trial court and appellate levels in federal and state venues throughout the nation.

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