Wealth Preservation/Asset Protection

Wealth Preservation is the objective of Asset Protection. It begins with a carefully designed and effective Estate Plan that avoids costly pitfalls and creates opportunities for estate and gift tax minimization. Such an Estate Plan will likely protect the devised assets with “spendthrift” provisions and often creates different types of trusts (onshore and offshore) to provide legal deterrents from future claims and lawsuits against the client and his or her assets. To effectively preserve wealth a person must take advantage of the laws that afford such protection. To effectively preserve wealth a person must protect and safeguard from the unforeseen. In essence, Wealth Preservation involves planning to protect one’s assets and estates from creditors, accidents, volatile market and financial savings, litigation and evolving legislation. Shackelford offers a team approach to this collection of planning strategies which are uniquely designed based on each client’s individual needs and goals.

Roy J. True
Samuel E. Long, Jr.
John R. Bauer